150 Apparel Buyers & Buying Agency List

150 Apparel Buyers & Buying Agency List

$ 49.00

Product Information
  • Industry Fashion & Apparel
  • Price : $49
  • Company Name : 150
  • Contact Person : 150
  • Company Address : 150
  • Phone Number : 150
  • Fax Number : 107
  • E-Maill Address : 150
  • Website Address : 150
  • Delivery Detail This list is sent to your email address as an EXCEL File attached within 24 hours once the money is transferred to our account.

If you are a Clothing manufacturer, Garment Supplier, Fashion Designer and would like sell to clothing department stores or Fashion boutiques then we suggest you to buy this verified Garment Buying Agency + Garment Buyers List, its thousand time better
than spending thousands of dollars on Garment trade fairs & Apparel Trade Shows. You can own this buyers Directory only for $49.

Who are responsible for selecting: Apparel clothing and Accessories

Whose titles are: Buyer, Owner, Director, Vice President, and CEO.

Garment Buying Agencies :- United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, Jordan, USA ( 85% of Buying Agencies are from India )

Garment Buyers :- Argentina, Australia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, México, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

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